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The discovery of Hotel Sollievo

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Hotel Sollievo Terme, for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday dedicated to wellness and vitality in the heart of the Veneto. Comfort, tranquility and elegance measured represent the common denominator of environments. Wellness The new Spa Wellness "Levatio Callidus" welcomes you into her world of wellness and relaxation! The Finnish Sauna, the "Laconicum" to expel toxins, the "cold shower mist" with color, the "Calidarium for hydration and regolarizzazine of Ph. The 'Aromarium "with its aromatic essences facilitate the improvement of' breathing activity, the" tropical rain shower or "relaxing properties through the combination of chromium and aroma-therapy. "Steam Bath Honey": a new beauty treatment that, by exploiting the beneficial effects of the "honey" and turkish bath, makes skin silky giving newfound brightness. "Sauna navy": it is the combination of sauna, sea salt and dry sauna to detoxify and disinfect the skin. And finally, the "Tepidarium": this particular area relax in style "Zen" is the perfect complement to your personalized wellness program. Cures Spa treatments are the result of the worship of wealth and beauty of its ancient Romans. Mud from the beneficial properties, whirlpools, baths, inhalations and aerosol, are the remedies for the treatment and prevention of rheumatic diseases. Dall'oriente, the antistress effects of the "foot reflexology", of "Shiatsu" and "Watsu", on 'India relaxing properties. Of the' Kerala Ayurvedic " And also, whirlpool tub in "Kura" to reactivate the microcirculation, "Shirodara" to regain the eliquilibrio psychophysical or the "Swedana" to purify and detoxify the body. Especially appreciated are the physiotherapy treatments that make possible the recovery of function in individuals affected by traumatic events or disabling diseases in neuromotor. Aesthetic Medicine in the treatment of facial skin The skin, like all the other tissues, the effect of senescence undergo structural alterations in part genetically determined and partly a result of environmental factors and lifestyle. The progressive disorganization of the structures of the skin resulting in the collapse with formation of folds, furrows and wrinkles. The consequences borne face are: the increase of space between nose and upper lip, the reduction in the volume of the lips, the deepening of the furrows genieni-nose and periorbital wrinkles, glabellari.La front and aesthetic medicine today allows interventions "remodeling of the face, allowing as much as possible to prevent and reduce the effects of subsidence and restore skin volume where it is reduced by means of bio-skin, peeling of the surface medium and deep, of the fillers. The bio-skin The bio is nell'iniettare in the dermis of the skin of the face pharmacological substances such as to counteract the aging skin, improving firmness, turgor and elasticity of the skin. The session consists of micro-bio series at specific points of the face. E 'performed with thin needles and painless. Peeling The peeling skin is the removal of surface layers of the skin by the application of acidic (glycolic acid, Pyruvic, trichloroacetic, etc..) In order to allow the regeneration of the skin more elastic, hydrated and more compact. Fillers The fillers are biocompatible and biodegradable substances that are used to fill wrinkles and furrows and to increase the volume of the lips and redefining its contorni.Il filler safest and most used is hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally present in the connective skin, which is when injected intradermally with special syringes painless.