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What are Cookies?

Cookies are short text files that are downloaded on the user’s device when visiting a website. The users that visit tour site will see the input of some minimum quantities of information in the devices in use, whether they are computers or mobile devices, under the form of cookies stored in the directories used by the user’s web browser.

Cookies are used for different purposes: execution of authentication information , monitoring sessions , storing information about specific configurations about users accessing the server , the storing preferences, etc.

What are "technical Cookies"?

They are cookies that are used to make browsing or provide a service requested by the user.They are not used for purposes other and are normally installed by the owner of the website. Without the use of these cookies, some operations could not be carried out or would be more complex and / or less secure, such as home banking activities (display of the account statement, bank, pay bills, etc.), For the such as cookies, that allow you to make and keep the user identification with the session, are indispensable.

What are "profiling cookies"?

Cookies are used to track the user's navigation on the network and create profiles on his tastes, habits, choices, etc. These cookies can be transmitted to the user's terminal advertising messages in line with the preferences already expressed by the user in navigating online.

Use of cookies by

Technical Cookies

  • canaleeuropa: it is deleted when closing the browser, used for the correct visualization of the website

Analytics cookies

  • __utma: it expires after 2 years, it is used to count how many times the user visits the site
  • __utmb e __utmc: expire after 30 minutes and on closing the, they are used to calculate the duration of the visit to the site
  • __utmz: expires after 6 months, it contains information on the user’s provenance

Third-party cookies

Surfing the web it is possible to receive cookies from sites managed by other organizations (third-parties), given by the presence of the "social plugins" for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other services like Google Maps and Google Analytics. The presence of these plugins implies the transmission of cookies to and from sites managed by third-parties. The management of the information gathered by “third-parties” is regulated by the several reports we kindly ask you to refer to.

To guarantee a better transparency hereafter you will find the web addresses of the various reports and the procedures of management of cookies.

  • Facebook: statement, for configuration access to your account and visit the privacy section
  • Google+, Youtube, Gmaps: statement, for configuration visit this link
  • Vimeo: statement

Browser Settings

The user can decide whether to accept or not the cookies using the settings of his/her browser. The total or partial disability of technical cookies can compromise the use of the functions of the website reserved to registered users, on the contrary the availability of advertising contents is possible also disabling cookies totally.

Here’s how to disable cookies with the configuration of the browser: